We weld using the MIG, MAG, and TIG methods on welding semiautomatic machines. Among the materials most frequently welded by us, you can find structural steel, stainless steel, possibly aluminium alloys.

In single-piece or small batch production, we perform:

  • Welding using classic welding machines and/or using welding semiautomatic machines
  • Bending and brake pressing of sheet metal in classic machines
  • Sheet metal straightening in a hydraulic press
  • Sheet metal pressing

Do you want to obtain more detailed information about our capabilities? View the individual machines we work with in the Machinery section.


Development is one of our pillars, supporting our long-term engineering experience.


Manufacturing is the core of our activities. The production capabilities which we offer are extensive, from single-piece to batch production.


Technology is an important skeleton supporting our production. We continuously expand, test, and improve the technologies used.