Shielding Production

We design and manufacture shielding for medium voltage and high voltage in electrotechnical industry, currently we produce more than 100 types. These parts are used in Medium Voltage Bushings, Insulators, Transformers, Apparatus, Sensors etc.
Our customers are in Germany, Austria, Holland, Czech Republic, United Arab Emiraes etc.
We cooperate on the development with technical college VUT Brno.
Materials we use are stainless steel, brass, aluminium in the form of wire cloth and expanded metal.
Specification of our most used material:
wire cloth: diameter of wire 0,22 mm, aperture 0,415 mm, Mesh 40 from stainless steel DIN 1.4301
expanded metal 3,0 x 1,8 x 0,4 x 0,2 according to DIN 791 from stainless steel DIN 1.4301
We offer our customers production of shielding according to their drawings, but also collaboration with the customer's engineers in the design of new types, we offer our know-how, technological expertise and proven solutions to optimize the electrical and mechanical properties, reducing partial discharges and minimize production costs.
In our own tool shop we produce tools for cutting and shaping materials that are processed on our presses. We also produce ourselves any machined parts (nuts, sockets,connectors, etc.). In the production we provide complete manufacturing services including inspection, packaging and shipping.
By welding we use methods of resistance seam welding, spot welding and soldering.
With experts from technical college VUT Brno we collaborate on improving our production technology, increasing the qualifications of our employees, as well as the development of new special-purpose machines, which then themselves produce, as well as increasing automation, quality and repeatability. In cooperation with the technical college we can provide theoretical calculations of new types including a proposal to improve the electrical properties including the reduction of partial discharge, then also the electrical testing of prototypes and serial parts.


Development is one of our pillars, supporting our long-term engineering experience.


Manufacturing is the core of our activities. The production capabilities which we offer are extensive, from single-piece to batch production.


Technology is an important skeleton supporting our production. We continuously expand, test, and improve the technologies used.