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Choose from our wide production capabilities, which we continuously perfect. We perform machining of metals and other materials using procedures such as CNC machining, conventional machine machining, and chip machining. Single-piece to medium batch production, production of moulds and model equipment is possible.


Locksmithery is represented with us especially by the production of weldments up to 1,000 kg and their machine working. We offer welding using the MIG, MAG, and TIG methods and welding semi-automatic machines. We also perform bending, brake pressing, straightening, and pressing of sheet metal, all that in the hands of experienced locksmiths and welders with national certification.

Shielding Production

We have long-term experience with more than 50 types of shielding, which we develop. Our shielding is exported; we cooperate with the academic sphere.



DMT stands for development, manufacturing, and technology. On these pillars, we build a company combining many years of tradition and continuous progress. Why should you choose right us?

  • Locksmithery and metal manufacturing are our family tradition – it became a family craft already after the end of World War II, when our grandfather embraced it.
  • We know which processing is the best for you – we constantly invest into development and testing of new technologies, thanks to which we keep up with the current technological leaders.
  • We save your precious time - we will solve the issues of material provision, production, heat treatment, finish, section description, assembly, inspection, and transport all the way to you.

For every customer, we will find the time needed. We will gladly visit you in person or welcome you in our company, where we can thoroughly discuss your needs and introduce you to our technologies and machines.


Development is one of our pillars, supporting our long-term engineering experience.


Manufacturing is the core of our activities. The production capabilities which we offer are extensive, from single-piece to batch production.


Technology is an important skeleton supporting our production. We continuously expand, test, and improve the technologies used.